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Welcome to GoSite, Brian & Vijay

Read on to learn about GoSite's newest leaders in Mid-Market & Enterprise Sales and Strategic Growth!

Amber Schmitt
2 min read

GoSite is excited to welcome two new leaders to join our mission of empowering businesses around the world, Brian Mirek and Vijay Damojipurapu. Brian and Vijay have extensive experience leading teams at companies like LogMeIn and SugarCRM and will be bringing a wealth of knowledge to help elevate GoSite into a new phase of growth.

We’re excited to take some time to introduce each of them more!

Introducing Brian Mirek, Head of Mid-Market & Enterprise Sales

Brian has spent the past 15+ years building and scaling go-to-market teams for both high velocity and enterprise segments. Most recently, Brian served as Vice President of Sales at Notarize, a digital platform for signing and notarizing documents online. During his time at Notarize, the company revenue grew over 1000% in just 2 years!

Prior to Notarize, Brian spent three years leading the new business sales team at Logmein’s collaboration products division and helped grow the business from $40M to over $500M in his time there.

Reporting to GoSite CEO and Founder, Alex Goode, Brian will lead and develop the Mid-Market & Enterprise sales team and drive alignment on the go-to-market strategy.

Brian currently lives in the greater Boston area with his family. He enjoys spending time outdoors skiing, golfing, and coaching his kids’ sports teams!

Introducing Vijay Damojipurapu, Head of Strategic Growth

Vijay comes with over 20 years of experience building tech products, developing go-to-market strategies, growing revenue from $0 to $100M, and helping scale at companies including Microsoft, SugarCRM, and Green Bits.

Prior to GoSite, Vijay founded Stratyve, a consulting firm that helped B2B SaaS companies globally with strategic initiatives like new market entry, content playbooks, demand creation, and business model transformation. Before founding Stratyve, Vijay built the marketing function at GreenBits, launched a new product line at SugarCRM, and developed portfolio sales playbooks at Microsoft and Ericsson.

Reporting to GoSite President and Chief Operating Officer, Vijay will lead and develop GoSite's Product-Led Growth transformation to optimize the customer journey across every stage, from an initial trial experience, to purchase, adoption, and ultimately, expansion.

Vijay loves to spend time with his wife and two sons, read non-fiction books, practice mindfulness, and connect with nature. He is passionate about cricket, has run three half marathons, and climbed Mt. Shasta twice! Check out his book, Market Leadership, and podcast, B2B Go-to-Market Leaders.

Interested in joining the team?

Brian and Vijay are hiring for their quickly growing teams and are looking for talented individuals who are passionate about supporting small and medium businesses.

If this sounds like you, don’t be shy! Check out our open roles below:

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