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Life as a BDR Intern at GoSite

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Brooke Orozco
3 min read

Coming into the Business Development Representative (BDR) Internship program at GoSite has been everything you would expect: lots of learning, a little craziness, and a ton of fun. As a BDR Intern, a very simple explanation of my duties include:

  • Be the first point of contact to SMB prospects
  • Qualify SMB owners as candidates who would benefit from GoSite’s platform
  • Coordinate with Senior Account Executive’s to set up the SMB prospect with a 14 day free trial of the platform

The goal here is to get small businesses into a free trial to help them see value in the product and how GoSite’s tools can change their day to day life for the better!

Not noted in that very brief description are all the challenging and rewarding experiences, personal development opportunities, and incredible feelings that come with being the first point of contact for potential GoSite clients. We’ll dive into that below!

Daily Rundown

Everyday, I reach out to 75 or more small to medium sized business owners that have the potential to be a fit for GoSite’s platform. This initial outreach and offering is not as simple as you might think. Each potential client is an individual with different needs and unique problems, and there’s no one-size fits all approach.

For a lot of these business owners, their small business is their life; it’s what feeds their families, keeps them afloat, and fuels their dreams. Admitting you may need help is difficult - especially when you’re saying this to a stranger calling out of the blue. Soft skills are crucial to help build trust and credibility with these small business owners. Active listening, clear communication, conflict resolution, and empathy beat out the smooth-talking sales tactics you learn in a typical college business class. People buy benefits, not products.

One of GoSite’s core company values is “be a good person”, and it’s extremely important here. The GoSite team is full of people who genuinely care about helping each other as well as small business owners and creating the alliance and relationship that GoSite customers appreciate so much.

Company Culture and Teamwork

There is plenty to look forward to each day that you step into the office. GoSite headquarters feels less like an office and more like a cool hangout. Everyone is energetic, friendly, lively, and manages to have fun while also working hard. The BDR Intern team is constantly bouncing ideas off each other, giving each other feedback, and genuinely wanting to help one another in any way possible. We have a highly functional team of great people that are eager to learn and grow - and this is consistent with the entire GoSite team.

Being a good person and a good teammate is a fundamental part of what contributes to such positive company culture. Not to mention the great music always playing, the amazing catered meals, the various games found throughout the office, and the incredible views outside every office window. The culture at GoSite is something that can not be easily rivaled. Company culture is a huge selling point for Millennials and Gen Z when choosing a job, and GoSite is winning big in the culture department.

Laptop Outdoors

Life Lessons

With any internship comes the expectation that you will be learning a lot. GoSite’s internship couldn’t be more of a hands-on learning experience. Both hard and soft skills are sharpened immensely through the program. Constructive feedback, paired with weekly one-on-one meetings, team meetings, and various training provides each BDR Intern with the necessary tools to constantly improve. The hard skills we learn throughout the program are important and teach us how to do our role better, but the soft skills we practice every day are invaluable and teach us to be better humans. Life skills are refined and improved on a daily basis and you are guaranteed to develop as an individual day in and day out.

Communication skills are arguably one of the most important skills of the job, and as an intern, you learn to communicate more effectively with clients and peers. This carries over to more meaningful communication in your everyday life. Dynamism is another skill set that is polished each day as you must be flexible and adaptable to virtually everything. But, dynamism also gives you the foundation to have a fighting chance and succeed in everyday life that is constantly marked by change.

The BDR program provides an environment to grow professionally, but of equal significance, it provides an environment to grow exponentially as an individual and as a good human.

Brooke Orozco
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