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Bhavin Rawal Named GoSite's President and Chief Operating Officer

Alex Goode
1 min read

Since the early days of starting GoSite, we’ve been on a mission to help small businesses all over the world grow and be successful. The last two years have been especially challenging for small businesses as they’ve taken on the direct and surrounding effects of a global pandemic, in addition to all the ongoing obstacles that business owners face every single day. Growing up in a small business household through the great recession, I’ve witnessed first hand the tremendous amount of strength and courage it takes to overcome the most difficult challenges faced every day by small businesses. We’ve made it our mission to help businesses thrive throughout this unprecedented time in history.

Over the past two years, we’ve taken big strides forward to ensure we’re able to help small businesses all over the world navigate the most challenging times and ultimately grow and be successful. Throughout this period, we’ve focused on building powerful technology to help businesses grow and operate more efficiently. We’ve also focused on establishing a world class team to both build our technology and bring it to the masses globally. As part of this journey, we were fortunate to cross paths with Bhavin Rawal, who joined GoSite last year as our Chief Product Officer. Since then, he has brought a tremendous amount of experience to the table from his time building at companies such as Intuit, Paypal, and Symphony. Bhavin has a relentless energy for building, and especially building things that help small businesses thrive, and now we’re going to channel that to build the best company in the world for small businesses. 

I’m excited to announce Bhavin’s transition to GoSite’s President and Chief Operating Officer. In this role, Bhavin will be working alongside myself and our team to build GoSite into a global platform that will help millions of businesses worldwide. As part of this transition, Bhavin will be joining GoSite’s Board of Directors.  

We’re excited to welcome Bhavin to this new role and together build something special for small businesses all over the world.

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Alex Goode
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