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GoSite and Thumbtack - New Partnership to Enable Small Business Growth

GoSite and Thumbtack join forces to help small businesses win more business.

Janey Velasco
Janey Velasco
4 min read

To help small businesses thrive in this current crisis, GoSite and Thumbtack have joined forces to make lead and sales generation easier than ever before. With this integration, business owners using Thumbtack to find leads in their area can now use GoSite’s small business apps to nurture and turn those leads into gigs—and eventually, returning customers. 

“GoSite and Thumbtack both share a similar mission: to serve the small businesses that are the fabric of our local communities—who help us every day through the professional services they provide,” said Alex Goode, CEO of GoSite. “Together, we’ll make it easier to find, book, and pay pros for their
services—and serve more people.”

Thumbtack + GoSite: How it works

Person holding a phone showing a Thumbtack lead message in GoSite's Contact Hub.

This partnership will allow Thumbtack and GoSite users to keep track and nurture leads with minimal effort. With Thumbtack, pros and service businesses can find jobs in their local area; then GoSite will let you track those leads and turn them into repeat customers. Whenever a Thumbtack pro is matched with a lead, it will be automatically entered into GoSite’s Contact Hub. Once in Contact Hub, GoSite merchants will be able to track all customer communications, from SMS messages to invoices and payments.

Another key feature is the integration with GoSite’s Messenger tool. Through Messenger, GoSite merchants can start conversations and respond to leads, right in their GoSite Dashboard. GoSite users are able to respond to Facebook and Thumbtack messages, all in one platform.

If you're ready to connect your Thumbtack account with your GoSite dashboard, be sure to check out this article to learn how. 

Why You Need the Thumbtack + GoSite Integration

GIF showing a message thread on Contact Hub.

Thumbtack and GoSite serve local, community-owned businesses including contractors, landscapers, painters, plumbers, and more.

Acquiring, developing, and reinforcing customer relationships is a costly and time-consuming task. To streamline the process, we merged the tools that address these small business obstacles. We also understand that local businesses are run by small and scrappy teams that greatly benefit from having affordable, simple technology.

Use Thumbtack to:

  • Find local support and labor.
  • Find projects and potential customers.
  • Get matched with the right leads in your area.
  • Discover which of your services are in demand in your region.

Use GoSite to:

  • Facilitate automated yet personalized communications.
  • Provide a mobile-friendly storefront where your customers can book services.
  • Allow multiple payment options including credit card, mobile, and text-to-pay.
  • Request payments and reviews from the palm of your hand.

Together, Thumbtack and GoSite will provide you and your customers a seamless experience to build awareness, brand loyalty, and a steady cash flow.

The Thumbtack integration works best if you're using GoSite’s Messenger tool, but you can also organize your Thumbtack leads in Contact Hub by starting a free account with GoSite.

click to create your free account.

To learn more about the GoSite and Thumbtack collaboration, click here

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