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Why Every Business Needs to Have CRM Online

What CRM solution do you have? CRM online is a great tool to help you stay organized, improve the customer experience, and grow your bottom line.

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Imagine never losing track of a potential or current customer’s data ever again. Better yet, imagine having all the information you need anywhere you are at any point in time. That’s the kind of convenience that shifting to CRM online provides.

Roughly 63 percent of businesses prefer cloud-hosted CRM systems over on-premise applications. And that's because modern, cloud-based CRM systems offer new capabilities, flexible costs, as well as hassle-free maintenance and installation. The goal of CRM online is to further improve business relationships and create loyal, long term customers.

In short, an online CRM solution helps businesses stay connected to their customer base, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

What is CRM Online?

A customer relationship management (CRM) solution helps you find new customers, win their business, and keep them happy by organizing customer and prospect information in a way that helps you build stronger relationships with them and grow your business faster.

CRM systems start by gathering as much data from a customer as possible:  Website, email, phone number, social media profiles, and more, across a variety of channels. The CRM tool organizes this information to give you a comprehensive and thorough record of current and prospective customers overall, so you can develop a better relationship over time.

A cloud-based CRM solution provides all the same capabilities (and more) and brings it online, which enables you as well as all of your employees to access, update and record customer data anywhere, anytime.

The Benefits of CRM Online

Shifting to a cloud-based online CRM solution provides all the benefits that an on-premise CRM system has to offer plus more. Which gives you an even greater opportunity to improve your business.

Traditional on-premise CRM benefits include:

  • Grow your bottom line;
  • Identify and categorize quality leads;
  • Increase referrals;
  • Improve customer support and over experience; and

  • Provide better products and services.

A traditional CRM solution is great, but a cloud-based CRM solution is better. All technology has been affected by the ongoing digital transformation and CRM is no exception. CRM has transitioned into the cloud, no longer making on-premises CRM software the only option.

Businesses all over the world are starting to discover the benefits of moving customer data, software, and services into a secure and accessible online environment.

cloud-based CRM

Complete Mobility

A cloud-based CRM system creates an accessible centralized directory that can viewed on any device. Every employee has access to the same information, all the time and from anywhere. You can check important customer data, update it in real-time, or work on the go. 

Minimal Costs

Costs are generally lower for CRM online. This is because they are priced based on your business’s headcount -- the number of employees who access the CRM system and the type of features you need. This is especially beneficial for small businesses that only have a handful of employees.

Faster Deployment

CRM online makes the implementation process quick and easy. Because CRM online is cloud-backed, businesses no longer have to install software or hardware on a ton of company computers and mobile devices. A cloud-based solution also eliminates maintenance costs, which keeps IT expenses relatively low for your business.

Automated Software Updates

Moving your CRM online removes the hassle of staying on top of updates yourself because the process is fully automated. The CRM provider takes care of all the software updates behind the scenes so you never have to worry.


Your CRM system has the ability to grow with you. As you continue to expand, you won't need to invest in new software, instead, you can simply adjust your current cloud-based CRM solution. It is extremely flexible and enables you to scale up and add more people as your business continues to grow.

Customer Satisfaction

A cloud-based CRM system keeps you organized by centralizing and streamlining customer data, allowing you to focus on what matters: Customer experience. Providing a smooth and convenient experience for your customers is key to improving their experience on their customer journey with your business. CRM online is an excellent way to ensure that you never lose track of their information and can deliver top-notch support for every single interaction.

Customer Relationship Management Online

Who is CRM Online for?

When you bring your CRM online, you are benefiting essentially everyone in your business. You’re providing a better way to manage your customer interactions, build relationships, and drive more sales.

An online CRM tool lets you store customer and prospect contact information, discover sales opportunities, make note of service issues, and oversee entire marketing campaigns, all in one central hub. CRM online places all of this in the cloud, making the entire database of customer information available to anyone at your business, right when they need it regardless of where they are.

Easy access to customer data facilitates cross-team collaboration and increases overall productivity. Everyone in your business can see previous interactions or purchases, communications, and notes for lead or customer. Essentially, CRM helps businesses in all verticals and of all sizes drive sales, growth, and success.

CRM online can be especially beneficial to small businesses, where employees have a stricter budget, and oftentimes need to innovate and figure out ways to do more with less.

Make the Transition to CRM Online

With the myriad of benefits accompanied by cloud-based CRM, it seems like a no brainer. It offers new possibilities, flexible costs, as well as hassle-free maintenance and installation. And the best part is that as your business continues to expand, your CRM solution is dynamic and will grow with you.

GoSite’s cloud-based CRM software in Contact Hub enables you to organize all of your customers, interact with them, and track all activity from one location. It’s time for you to start connecting to your customer base and boost satisfaction with personalized customer experiences.

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