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Why CRM for Insurance Agents is Essential in 2020

Do you have CRM for your insurance agents? If not, it's time to invest in CRM software to help organize, engage and grow your customer base.

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With the increasingly competitive nature of the insurance industry, agencies are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to distinguish themselves from competitors to win over and retain more customers.

In order to do this, you first have to ask yourself: What’s most important to your customers? The answer is a personalized experience that offers them a suitable insurance plan.

Customers don’t want to hear about offers, products or policies that are irrelevant to them -- it's a waste of their time. It's your job to deliver personalized content and you can do that with customer relationship management (CRM) for insurance agents.

CRM provides companies the strategies, methods, and tools to successfully evaluate customer behavior and interactions to develop positive, long-term relationships.

There is a reason that 91 percent of businesses with 10 or more employees now use CRM software -- it’s because it works. With the competitive landscape for insurance agents, CRM has become essential -- here's why.


Your clients trust you to pick the right insurance policy for them -- but how credible do you seem when you send an irrelevant offer to their inbox? That leaves room for doubt to creep in.

CRM for insurance agents work to keep your business organized by centralizing and streamlining customer data. With this information, you are able to personalize your interactions with your customers to provide targeted content with value -- every single time.

In turn, this can help you boost sales, improve customer satisfaction, and increase customer retention and long-term loyalty.

CRM allows your insurance company to record and evaluate information about customers including preferences, buying behaviors, and patterns throughout the entire customer journey.

This information is essential for increasing sales by ensuring that policies suggested are suitable for and offer the best cover for that particular customer or group.

Customer Relationship Mangement

With all of this customer data, you are able to implement audience segmentation, which means you can further divide your contact lists into subgroups to provide more targeted content.

In other words, CRM allows insurance agents to contact customers at the appropriate time with relevant information. Instead of sending out mass campaigns that don’t apply to many of your contacts, with CRM you have the ability to send out valuable information that will convert more leads into sales. Conversion rates can rise by up to 300 percent using CRM.

Use CRM for insurance agents to exceed expectations by providing a more personalized experience for all of your new and current customers.

Exceptional Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is a critical part of every insurance company and that can be achieved with CRM.

With proper contact management, you and your employees can record contacts' details, information, and monitor their interactions with your business. This allows you to prioritize urgent inquiries and give attention to customers who need it most.

Staying connected to your customer base is essential -- especially for insurance agencies. CRM helps you stay in touch with customers and never let customers or their inquiries fall through the cracks. And that’s because each request is recorded in a central system that can be accessed by anyone online.

Once a customer submits a request, your CRM allows you to set up a system to automatically send a message to notify the customer you have received it. Acknowledging receipt and responding promptly makes customers feel like they are not being forgotten or ignored.

Because CRM records customer interactions, each time you communicate with your customer, you are able to pull up that information and use it as a cheat sheet. You can view prior communications, interactions, problems, and their general history with your brand.

In other words, CRM prepares you to handle any situation without inconveniencing the customer by asking for their information -- again.

CRM Software

Attract Life-Long Customers

Customer experience matters a lot -- probably more than most people realize. If you provide customers with a positive experience, they’re more likely to return.

But if you provide a bad experience, they’re probably in the market for a new insurance agent -- without you ever realizing you messed up. Roughly 91 percent of customers leave without any explicit warning.

CRM for insurance agents allows you to create personal relationships with customers, listen to and address their needs, and ultimately provide an exceptional experience that will guarantee their repeat business. In other words, good customer experience can get you a customer for life.

Businesses that use CRM experienced customer retention and satisfaction rates increase by 47 percent.

CRM systems allow insurance companies to support and satisfy customers for life and extend their customer journey with your business. CRM allows you to attract new customers while also retaining the ones that you already have -- which is equally as important.

And that’s because CRM provides insurance agents with the ability to provide contact with appropriate offers and continue delivering value throughout their entire journey with the business.

Grow Your Business with CRM for Insurance Agents

CRM is an essential tool for satisfying customers and improving long-term customer loyalty. CRM allows for personalization, enhances customer service, and helps you retain life-long customers. But in order to reap these benefits, you have to choose the right CRM for your insurance business.

GoSite’s Contact Hub includes a complete CRM system to manage all of your customer interactions and maintain a rich customer profile. Organize all of your contacts, engage with them, and track all activity from a single centralized hub.

Optimize your contact database by leveraging the right CRM for insurance agents to drive higher satisfaction and grow your business like never before.

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