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Top SMS Texting Templates for Small Business Owners

Level up your business texting game with these tips, tricks, and easy-to-implement text templates. 

Christina Bosch
Christina Bosch
5 min read

Did you know that 70% of businesses now use texting as a way to reach customers? Plus, 78% of consumers would like to communicate with a business via text. That number continues to grow each year as texting becomes the fastest and most efficient way to communicate. 

Bring Your Professional Voice to Life

In today’s world, texting is the name of the game. Just think—when was the last time you sent a text? Chances are, it was pretty recently. If texting is such a prevalent communication strategy used in people's personal lives, why not implement it professionally, too?

Texting provides an easy and convenient way to communicate a quick update that doesn’t need to be discussed over the phone. With a 98% open rate of text messages, your message is sure to be delivered quickly and received seamlessly. 

Advantages of Becoming a Business Text-pert 


1. Provides Convenience

Texting provides an easy and convenient way to communicate a quick update that doesn’t need to be discussed over the phone. With a 98% open rate of text messages, your message is sure to be delivered quickly and received seamlessly.

2. Saves Time

While undivided attention is needed a phone call, texting allows both parties to send and receive messages on their own time, and avoid being taken away from day-to-day responsibilities. As a business owner, this enhances your productivity and saves customers time from having to pick up the phone. It’s a win-win!

3. Boosts Customer Satisfaction

When you text a customer, you create a reliable, personalized, and trusted communication avenue. This leads to higher customer satisfaction, increased loyalty, and reflects a commitment that fosters life-long customers.

10 Top Texting Templates for Small Businesses

Just like when texting with family or friends, there are many scenarios you will come across with your customers that elicit a quick text versus a time-consuming phone call. Here are some easy-to-implement texting templates to embed into your texting strategy with customers today:

1. Voicemail Follow-up 

Hi {First Name}, this is {Your Name} from {Company}. I’m reaching out as you left your number on our site and mentioned you’d like to learn about our services. What questions can I help answer? Thanks!

2. Quote Request

Hi {First Name}, thanks for your interest in {Company Name}. We’d be happy to provide you with a custom quote. Please fill out this form to provide you with the most accurate estimate. Here’s the link – {Link} Thank you! 

3. Customer Re-engagement

Hi {First Name}! This is {First Name} from {Company}. It looks like you are due for a new {Service, Appointment Name}. Let me know when it is convenient for you to get on the books! 

4. Appointment Confirmation

Hello, this is a confirmation of your {Appointment / Service} with {Business Name} scheduled for {Date, Time}. Please text Y to Confirm or X to Cancel. See you then! 

5. Appointment Reminder

Hi {First Name}, this is a reminder of your upcoming appointment with {Business Name} tomorrow, at {Date, Time}. Please text Y to Confirm or X to Cancel. See you then! 

6. Review Request

Thanks for choosing {Business Name}. We appreciate your business! To help us provide the best experience for you and others, please take a moment to leave us a review. Just click here {LINK}. Thank you, and we hope to see you again soon! 

7. Payment Invoice

Hello {First Name}, please see attached your invoice for {service}. Simply click this link to complete your payment: {LINK}. Thank you!

8. Happy Birthday

{First Name}, wishing you a very happy birthday from {Company Name}. Have a great day!

9. Giveaway

Hi {First Name}. To thank our loyal customers, {Company Name} invites you to enter our contest to win {\{ITEM}! Enter here today: {LINK}. Good luck!

10. Coupon

Hi {First Name}, as our thank you for your service, we are offering {X%} off for all {Service Name}. Come in today to claim your discount! Reply Yes to save. Expires on {Date}.

Texting Tips & Tricks

Before jumping in, remember these top texting strategies to ensure you are providing your customers with the best SMS experience: 

1. Customization is key!

Use dynamic fields and placeholders to personalize your message and make your customers feel special. Using first names, birthdays, and past services used are great ways to create a unique template targeted to your specific customer. 

2. Ensure data is up-to-date.

Before sending a personalized text, be sure that your customer's information is up-to-date and correct. 

3. Provide an opt-out method.

Add "Text STOP to end" at the end of your text message to provide customers a way to opt-out if they no longer want to receive messages from your business. 

Use GoSite Messenger to create powerful, personalized, and automated text messages! 

Now that you’re ready to level up your business texting game, it’s time to try out the GoSite Messenger tool. From Google to website chats, to texts… your customers are reaching out to you on various platforms. Don’t miss a beat and receive and respond to all your messages in one place.

Sign up for our no-obligation free trial and watch your customer satisfaction boom. 


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