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22 Mobile Business Ideas to Make Money on the Go

Take your operations from a physical storefront to the street with these money-making mobile business ideas.

Claire Grady
9 min read

The setting where small business owners service clients, store supplies, and grow their operation is no longer restricted to a physical storefront. Work is constantly becoming an on-the-go enterprise, from remote Zoom calls to on-the-road services. 

Mobile businesses are a no-brainer for entrepreneurs who want to shuck hefty rents and overhead and opt for a more consumer-friendly, flexible business. As industries strive to make the lives of consumers easier, the opportunities for mobile businesses are vast and ripe with innovation—which is why we’ve compiled a list of the 22 best mobile business ideas to drive you into the future.

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Pet Grooming

Pet groomer trimming a small dog.

Plenty of dogs and cats get the heebie jeebies from trips to the pet groomer, which is why mobile pet grooming has become a major convenience for pet owners. 

Small business owners can provide specialty mobile pet grooming services to get an edge over the competition, such as flea and tick baths, de-skunk baths, pet-safe dying and manicures, and even doggy massages.

Fast facts:

Hair Salon and Barbershop

It’s becoming more difficult to carve out time for ourselves—especially for a two-hour hair appointment. And during the pandemic, when many salons were closed, home visits became commonplace. 

Small business owners can reach a grateful customer base of busy moms and dads, people with mobility impairments who want to avoid salons, elderly women who need regular hair care, as well as a host of other customers who need the convenience of at-home cutting, styling, and barbering.

Spray Tanning

UV tanning beds are on their way out, as younger generations worship the holy grail of skincare: sunscreen. But the bronzed and glowy look is still coveted, which means tanning salons are specializing in spray tanning instead. And since spray tanning is usually an up close and personal experience, customers want the treatment in the comfort of their home. 

Fast facts:

Auto Detailing

Person vacuuming a car seat.

Everyone loves a clean car. But customers have to wait an hour or more when they take their vehicle to the local detailer. So you can imagine how keen customers are to choose a mobile auto detailing, where they continue their duties in the house while their car gets the star treatment. 

Knife Sharpening

Whether it’s the $39.99 sale block from HomeGoods or the $300+ Japanese-made wedding gift, knives need regular maintenance and sharpening. But many consumers neglect this ongoing care. 

Some stores only offer sharpening if the knives have been purchased at their location, which makes mobile knife sharpening a valuable and unique offering that saves customers time and money in the long-run.

Bicycle Repair

Many current bicycle repair options require customers to bring their bikes to the shop—this presents a couple obstacles. Some people don’t have cars large enough or mounts that can transport to their bike. And if their bike is the primary source of travel...well, you get the picture.

A mobile bike repair service turns conundrum into convenience, and is profitable to boot.

Fast facts:

Cocktail Caravan

Group of people drinking near a mobile bar.

Hosts and hostesses rarely get to enjoy their own parties, especially when they’re on cocktail duty. Setting up a chic and boozy caravan to cater to guests’ cocktail requests make a great mobile business, where you can be booked for weddings, corporate shindigs, family reunions, and more.

Wine Tasting

Winos shouldn’t have to trek to the countryside to get a good tasting. With a selection of great wines, some accoutrements, and a wealth of wine knowledge, small business owners can make a great business on mobile wine tastings.

Home Improvement

Homeowners and renters may be scouring Pinterest for home decor ideas, but home improvement needs more than just inspiration boards. That’s where you come in. Bring all the elements with you, such as swatches, samples, and measuring tape, and help clients achieve their dream home.

Mobile Gym

Personal trainer working with an elderly woman.

Between the pandemic and anxiety around working out in front of others, mobile gyms and at-home personal trainers are a coveted resource. With just a van, gym equipment, and the know-how to help people achieve their fitness goals, small business owners can earn high hourly rates.

Food Truck

It’s no secret that food trucks have become widely popular. Competition may make some entrepreneurs nervous, but the opportunities for innovation are available to inventive small business owners with a flair for specialty food. Find a unique offering—oysters, sushi, mini pies—to carve out your niche in the bustling food truck sector.


A cleaning business demands mobility which is why it’s the perfect business to run on the go. Whether you specialize in commercial or residential, starting a cleaning business can turn into a profitable endeavor with low overhead costs. 

Professional Organizing

An organized closet.

We weren’t all born with Type A personalities. So if you’re one who loves label makers and The Container Store, then sell your services on the road with a mobile organization business. Specialize in closets, move-in projects, or kids rooms to make yourself an invaluable resource for a variety of customers.

Mobile Massage

Sometimes all we can manage for ourselves is an at-home spa experience. A massage can do wonders for stress and wellness, and it can be done in the comfort of customers’ homes or in a tricked out van.

Fast facts:

Tech Help

Help customers avoid long lines at the Apple store or frustrating experiences with in-store repair shops by offering tech help on the go! Whether you’re specializing in computer repair, phone help, or other technical troubleshooting, your service will be a godsend to busy clients.

Mobile Nail Services

Nail artist painting a client's nails.

Like other “treat yourself” services, sometimes the biggest treat customers can give themselves is to make people come to them. And with a mobile manicure and nail care business, you can be just a click away. Mobile manicures have become a popular service at bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, and bridal showers. 


Another business that demands an element of travel, landscaping projects typically begin at the home. But that doesn’t mean small business owners can’t up the ante with other mobile services in addition to their consultation and yard work. Offer free delivery of plants, disposal of green waste, ongoing fertilization, and pruning plans.

Courier and Errand Service

How long has the dry cleaning pile of clothes been growing? Or the FedEx box waiting for drop-off? Courier services are a valuable resource that helps customers take pick-up and drop-off off their to-do list, and it’s no longer limited to documents and packages. The opportunities are endless for small business owners. 

Fast facts:

Pool Cleaning

Worker cleaning a pool with a net.

If outdoor solo work beckons your name, look no further than a mobile pool cleaning service. With monthly plans and regular maintenance, the income is stable. Just be sure you’re in an area where pools are plentiful and weather is warm. 

Home Repairs

No day is the same in home repairs. Handy men and women are needed everywhere and the good news is that customers tend to become your regulars. So if a wrench is an extension of your arm, it’s time to make mobile home repair services your specialty.

Maternity Support

Any hospital visit is costly, especially for pregnant women. But many women who are expecting need additional support and resources throughout the pregnancy. Doulas and midwives help serve the mother, as well as the child, and at-home calls help keep expecting mothers safe and comfortable in their homes.

Cloth Diaper Service

Basket of assorted cloth diapers.

Disposable diapers are one of the Earth’s most pervasive pollutants. In the 1930s, cloth diaper services were common but were quickly replaced by disposable diapers. Lucky for Mother Nature, cloth diaper services are making a comeback as people opt for more environmentally friendly options in their purchases.

Fast facts:

Trash and Junk Pickup

There are plenty of items that require special disposal—batteries, ink cartridges, special recyclables, etc. Not to mention large items such as furniture, mattresses, or green waste. But customers are reluctant to haul these themselves, and that’s where you come in.

To run a mobile business smoothly and efficiently, you need the right software. One built to manage small businesses from the palm of your hand. Fortunately, GoSite provides you with all the necessary tool to do just that—start your free, 14-day trial below. 

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