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HVAC Marketing: 11 Effective Ways to Promote Your Business

Looking to find new leads? Heat up your business with these simple but proven HVAC marketing tips.

Claire Grady
5 min read

If you’re the owner of an HVAC company, you know there’s plenty of competition out there. IBIS World, a firm that provides industry market research, found roughly 120,000 heating and air-conditioning businesses in the U.S. in 2021. 

Interestingly enough, researchers found that not one company dominated the market with more than 5% of the market share. But, the number of contractors is growing. The number of HVAC businesses has increased by roughly 2% each year since 2016, according to the May 2021 study. 

Verified Market Research expects the HVAC industry and other home service businesses to grow further with at least a 20% increase from 2019 to 2026. 

What does this mean for you as an HVAC business owner? Competition will only increase. Fortunately, there are ways to cool down the competition with a strong marketing plan. Read on for the top 11 ways to market your HVAC business.

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1. Rank with Google Ads

HVAC contractor looking at his Google ads on a laptop.

Google found that at least 62% of HVAC shoppers start looking for contractors through the search engine. Searches using the keywords like "local" and "near me" have also increased by 350 times in 2019 compared to a decade ago. 

And, if you think your company stands apart from other HVAC companies—think again. At least 84% of HVAC shoppers did not have a specific company in mind when they did their search. 

To help gain some of that traffic from local searches, invest in Google Local Services Ads. To appear on these ads, you will need to become a Google Screened or Google Guaranteed provider which can help add trust and legitimacy to your business.

2. Optimize Your Website for SEO

The statistics that Google offers may be overwhelming, but there are ways to stand out online. For starters, build an SEO-friendly website by investing in a web developer who can create a click-friendly business page for you. The website should include keywords that any HVAC shopper may use while searching for a business.

If you’re wondering what kind of keywords you should use, think about what words you would type into Google if you were searching for an HVAC business. Perhaps, it’s “air conditioner repair” or the name of your town or “affordable.” These words will guide shoppers your way.

3. Make it Easy to Contact You

HVAC technician shaking hands with customer.

Once you’ve got your website built, be sure your contact info is easy to find on your website. Add a chatbot, a contact form, and various contact buttons throughout your site to ensure you don't miss any inquiries. Consider showcasing a few reviews that past customers have written to encourage potential leads to reach out.

4. Build a Social Media Presence

Building your digital presence with social media is another tried and true marketing technique. Connect with potential leads by telling your story and showing the work you do. Be sure to add your personality to each platform to give your business the edge it needs to stand out in a sea of posts. 

5. Post on Local Online Groups

Supporting local businesses isn’t just a trend—it’s a lifestyle that many Americans live by. Utilize platforms like Thumbtack, NextDoor, or local Facebook groups and pages to tell your neighbors about your business. Chances are these folks would rather hire you over an unknown contractor found via a Google search. 

6. Invest in Direct Mailers

HVAC technician working on a commercial AC unit.

You can also reach out to your neighbors by paying for targeted mailers or flyers to advertise your HVAC business. Have some spare time and a flexible budget? Pick a new neighborhood each month to target.

7. List Your Business on Local Directories

Build your business listing via Google or other local directories to get your name out. Chambers, business associations, schools, or even city governments are willing to support local success and advertise your business. 

8. Pass Out Your Business Card

Consider dropping your card at neighborhood restaurants or coffee shops that allow for free advertisement of local businesses. You can also connect with local gyms, hardware stores, and retail shops to tell them about your business and keep you in mind for any future gigs.

9. Create a Referral Program

HVAC contractor fixing a heater.

Did you score a great customer who can’t stop raving about your work? Leverage this moment! 

Create a referral program that will give the customer a gift or incentive for any referral they make.

10. Automate Review Requests

Ask happy customers to consider writing you a review on Yelp or Google to boost your online presence and credibility. The right software can automate your review requests and help you build a strong reputation with minimal effort on your end. 

Encourage them to share before and after photos or videos to showcase your work. Visuals also make any review more click-worthy for the average user. 

11. Run Timely Deals and Promotions

Finally, run client specials and promos throughout the year. You can also show support for a local school or nonprofit by donating any time a new customer signs up for a service. In turn, the school or nonprofit may help advertise the promotion. . 

There are endless ways to market your HVAC business. Just remember to be creative and utilize the resources you already have on hand. For more tips on marketing or other resources for your small business, drop your email below to subscribe to the GoSite Newsletter.

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