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How to Write Killer Website Copy

Is your website copy stuck in a rut? Use these tried-and-true steps to create a content cycle that flows.

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In December 2018, Starbucks opened the doors of a brand new type of location. Located in New York City's Meatpacking District, the 23,000 square foot coffee roastery boasted freshly baked pastries and specialty cocktails. It was the kind of opening day business owners dream of. 

But if you own an online business, your opening day poses a different kind of challenge. In fact, new websites experience some lag time before Google begins indexing their content. 

So, what's the SEO equivalent of Starbucks' buzzy opening day? Sure, great products and seamless user experience help. But the real answer might surprise you: Killer website copy.

Websites that have outstanding, in-depth content are more likely to skyrocket to the top of search results. Before long, your site will feel like the Starbucks Roastery on opening day: Full of customers, all eager to experience your work. 

Read on to learn six key steps you can take to create outstanding website content. 

Step 1: Research Keywords

Think about the last time you wrote something. Did you create an outline, or dive right in?

While there is a certain freedom to writing without a plan, outlines help you write more efficiently, and reduce the need for editing. When you know what you want to say, it's much easier to find the right words.

Keyword research functions like an essential outline guiding your website copy. Start by entering an essential keyword into a research tool, such as Google's Keyword Planner. Then, dig into research about search traffic and related keywords. 

For example, let's say you plan to open a catering company specializing in cupcakes. Related keywords might include "desserts," "bakeries near me," "wedding cake alternatives" and more. With time, using these keywords in product descriptions—or designing blog posts around them—attracts the right traffic. 

Ignoring the importance of keywords will set your business up for failure. Avoid this trap by starting with keyword research, every time.

how to write good website copy

Step 2: Create an Editorial Calendar for Blog Posts

Every business blog aims to educate and entertain an audience of current and potential customers. Initially it may feel easy to keep tabs on what you're publishing. You'll have tons of ideas, and the possibilities will seem endless.

But as your blog grows, you'll need a way of planning out posts ahead of time. Enter your editorial calendar—AKA, your roadmap to blogging. It will help you make decisions such as:

  • How frequently to publish
  • The types of posts you're targeting (such as short, single-topic posts or in-depth how-to content)
  • How to stagger assignments to ensure continuous publishing

And more! 

If you want to reach your SEO goals, you'll need to ensure that your website content adds up into a coherent strategy.

Step 3: Develop a Strong Brand Voice

Next, it's time to decide what your website will look and sound like. Your brand voice will shape your web copy, so it's worthwhile to spend a little time thinking about this up front.

Your brand voice will develop naturally over time, so start with basics. Will you use a chatty, conversational tone? Or something more formal? 

Whichever path you take, make sure your website's branding supports the tone you strike. A fun and playful site might have a colorful backdrop. Or, if your tone is more polished, a minimal, modern site might fit the bill. 

Step 4: Hire Professional Writers and Editors

Let's face it: When you're busy running a business, you may not have time to write thoughtful blog posts or polish product descriptions. Great writing is time consuming and labor intensive. 

As a business owner, you should help to shape the overall strategy for your website copy. Instead, consider delegating writing to another professional. This can help you stay focused on the bigger picture. 

Best of all, writing can be fully remote, giving you access to top talent from anywhere in the world. 

write website copy

Step 5: Set Goals and Measure Progress

The final step in any business process should be evaluating what went well—and what could be stronger. Setting goals is a crucial step if you want your web copy to improve over time. 

Common goals and metrics include:

  • Movement in search results
  • High and/or growing website traffic
  • Social media engagement
  • Newsletter sign ups
  • Conversions from CTAs (including sales, downloads and more)
  • Lead capture for downloadable content

Once you establish a baseline, you can set specific goals and take steps to meet them. 

Step 6: Repeat!

These steps form a tried and true system for building a website content cycle. Once you publish your first batch of keyword-focused blog posts and product descriptions, simply repeat the sequence with a new cluster of keywords. 

Don't forget to incorporate internal links to past blog posts along the way! 

Final Thoughts: Share Your Copy on a Beautiful Website

You've worked hard to develop killer website copy. Now make sure you have a great website that showcases it properly. GoSite makes it easy to build (and maintain) a modern website.

Ready to get started? best website builder for small business today!

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