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How Business Texting And Messenger Marketing Can Help Grow Your Brand

Should you go with connecting with customers through texting, social media channels, or both? Find out how you can combine traditional and modern marketing strategies to accelerate business growth.

GoSite Team
3 min read

Now that everything is online and on-the-go, a smooth mobile experience is a must for your customers. Digital interactions with your business, especially on mobile, have a big impact on the trajectory of business growth. In short, it's important to be responsiveinstantlyor you may risk losing customers. 

So, what's the best way to go? Stick with SMS marketing or focus on other digital channels? You don’t have to choose! Get the best of both worlds with GoSite. 

Both platforms are consistently growing:

Integrating text and messenger marketing can help build relationships with consumers. They'll appreciate that your business is reachable where they spend most of their time—on their phones.

Meet Customers Where They Are

Consider the impact of SMS and Messenger marketing:

  • About 5 billion people send and receive texts globally.
  • More than half of customers are more inclined to purchase from businesses that they can message directly via Facebook.
  • About 56% prefer of consumers prefer to contact businesses through messaging rather than making calls.

What better way to connect with your customers and gain their trust than by being where they are?

Plus, SMS and Messenger marketing channels are very cost-effective and simple to use. It takes minimal effort to send bulk texts and messages to hundreds of customers with the a click of a button.

Build Relationships With Instant Engagement

Send messages in an instant and engage customers through short texts that they can act on in seconds. These platforms are ideal for sending urgent updates and promoting limited-time offers that must be sent quickly to your customers. 

When consumers reach out to your business for any questions or issues, they expect to receive prompt and honest answers. Go all out and provide consumers with accurate and strong solutions. Gain the trust and respect of potential and existing customers by responding to their concerns earnestly and quickly.

Offer Personalized Interactions

SMS and Messenger are versatile marketing channels that let you add a personal touch to your messages. Pique the interest of your customers with conversational and personalized messages that make them want to know more about your brand. 

You can also use these platforms to get direct feedback from your customers to improve your products and services. Make them feel that their voices and inputs are heard and valued.

Get Insights With Enhanced Analytics

With SMS and Messenger marketing, you can easily and efficiently monitor, track, and boost your return on investment. 

These channels come with detailed analytics that give you valuable insights into the progress of your marketing campaigns—who's opening or ignoring what, which links are being clicked, and so on. You can use the data to target your audiences, fine-tune your campaigns, and convert leads. 

Use a Single Platform to Generate Leads 

Excited to connect with your customers and build brand loyalty via real-time conversations? GoSite’s Messenger tool allows you to communicate across multiple messaging channels—all in a single platform.

Take your conversational marketing to the next level with this integrated, instant messaging hub that’s available both on desktop and mobile. GoSite Messenger lets you start conversations and reply to messages through SMS, Facebook Messenger, Google, and Thumbtackall in one place. It's easy to stay in touch with your customers and never miss a beat.

SMS and Messenger are among the most powerful marketing methods and they're not going anywhere. Make sure that your business gets in on all the conversations. Leverage these channels to generate leads, enhance customer interactions, and establish a trustworthy brand.

GoSite can help your business grow in so many ways, all in one friendly dashboard. Ready to dive in? Start a free trial. Prefer a conversation? Book a demo

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