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How Best Lawn Care, Anywhere Increased Revenue With GoSite Payments

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Bailey Keppel
Bailey Keppel
3 min read

Geoff Smith, owner and operator of Best Lawn Care, Anywhere has been a GoSite customer since August 2019.

After spending several years in the trucking industry, he decided he preferred to work for himself. Geoff and his company are about to enter their fifth year, and things are looking great for this Anniston, Alabama team.

In a recent interview, Geoff mentioned that he “[loves his] GoSite app,” and that it’s “made [his] life so much easier.” Click the video below to hear what Geoff had to say about his experience with GoSite and our Payments tool.

The Situation

Before GoSite, Geoff struggled to facilitate payments. He—like many small business owners—couldn’t find a convenient way to consolidate his payments, transaction history, outstanding balances, etc.

He was receiving payments through an abundance of different digital platforms, while manually mailing paper invoices to customers.

Geoff explained his exasperation behind that process saying, “you have to know what a nightmare that is for a small business.”

“You think [you’ll work] eight hours a day, no. You go home and you're doing this stupid thing for hours. Two or three hours before I start and two or three hours when I get home.”

-Geoff Smith
Owner, Best Lawn Care, Anywhere

Not only did his old methods require more manual labor (and overtime hours), they also resulted in much longer “payment past due” periods, so Geoff was ready to switch to an easier, faster, and more modern way to take payments.

The Solution

Geoff’s transition to GoSite gave him what he called a clean, clear, and easy format to receive payments.

Instead of waiting for customers to send checks in the mail, Geoff now enjoys sending customers “a quick, little friendly reminder to take care of [their payment.]”

“It's so easy. You can perform the service at a customer’s location, send them a request while you're sitting in the parking lot, while you're sitting in their driveway, and have them actually send it back to you before you leave the driveway. It's awesome.”

-Geoff Smith
Owner of Best Lawn Care, Anywhere

Payments has changed the name of the game for Best Lawn Care, Anywhere. Geoff has since been able to take on new clients—joking about his inability to turn anyone away—and spend more time on the job than on the behind-the-scenes paperwork.

The Results

Since switching to GoSite, Geoff has experienced a 50% decrease in the dollar amount of his outstanding payments.

Customers that pay in installments now also have the ability to make their first payment before Best Lawn Care, Anywhere even leaves the premises.

Because of this, Geoff and his team now experience less lag time and far fewer outstanding payments.

“You can shrink that window of payment past due. I have nothing over 90. I don't have to worry about it.”

-Geoff Smith
Owner of Best Lawn Care, Anywhere

Rather than spending hours before and after work manually recording finances and mailing out invoices, Geoff is happy to send his customers payment requests with the click of a button.

We are ecstatic to help simplify the payment process for Geoff and other small business owners.

See for yourself how Payments will streamline your transaction process the way it did for Geoff. Don't hesitate to contactless payment!

Bailey Keppel
Bailey Keppel
The easiest way to connect your business with more customers.
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