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How a Scheduling System Benefits Service-Based Businesses

An online booking system improves customer experience, grows your customer base, and increases the revenue of your service-based business. Read on for more.

GoSite Team
3 min read

Thanks to the rise of the smartphone economy, we now have a system for just about anything. You name it—there’s a tool for it (or one in the works). Consolidating business operations is no exception. Tech developers have since allowed businesses to modernize internal processes for the convenience of business owners and customers. One of many is scheduling appointments with customers. 

Online booking systems have since streamlined customer interaction, and if you’re not allowing your customers to book an appointment online through their phones, you’re missing out on business opportunities. Customers are becoming more accustomed to the conveniences of booking at their leisure. Research shows that 82% of customers of serviced-based businesses prefer to book appointments using mobile devices—that’s a substantial number of people who want to skip the pain points related to booking over the phone. 

So forget wasting time on the phone scheduling appointments and take control of your calendar. It’s time to provide a convenient online booking system for customers and reap the benefits of increased online bookings, revenue, and satisfied customers.

Automated Scheduling and Calendar Integration

Booking an appointment online has become popular, and it's for a good reason. For starters, it’s accessible,  convenient, and efficient. On your end, an online booking system automates manual processes, effectively eliminating potential errors from human intervention. You can even sync third-party calendars, so if you have something on your calendar that requires your time, you won’t have to update your business calendar.

On your customers' end, they have the flexibility to see real-time availability and pick a slot in your allocated time blocks at any time of the day. Eliminating the back and forth—allowing faster communication and more online bookings as customers can align their availability with yours without interrupting their or your schedule.  

Automated Reminders to Minimize No-Shows 

Service-based businesses are familiar with the struggle of customer no-shows. When a customer fails to show up, you waste time waiting—time you could’ve spent more productively on other paying clients. What happens if you have two or more no-shows in a day? Not only are you robbed of your precious time, but your productivity and revenue suffer too.

So how do you go about effectively addressing this challenge? Send reminders! Online booking systems elevate the process further by automating sending upcoming appointment reminders to your customers. Did you know there’s a 29% reduction in no-shows with automated reminders? There are plenty of valid reasons for your customer not to show up, but if you can avoid no-shows, why not take that chance?

Online Payment Portal

The success of your service-based local business relies on your ability to capture (and retain) customer interest. A factor in achieving that goal is to offer convenient ways for them to engage your business—like enabling an online booking system. And the best appointment scheduling systems not only let you integrate third-party tools but also let you collect payment. 

With GoSite’s Booking tool, sync personal calendars and manage all appointments easily in a streamlined dashboard. In addition to automating scheduling and sending reminders, GoSite has a payment portal integrated into the booking process so that when a customer books an appointment, you collect payment upfront, or your customers can make a deposit. 

GoSite can help your business grow in so many ways, all in one friendly dashboard. Ready to dive in? Start a free trial. Prefer a conversation? Book a demo.

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