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Future-Proof Your Local Business Through Contactless Payments

Making the switch to digital payments? Here’s why going digital can help your business gain traction among modern customers.

GoSite Team
3 min read

Going contactless is no longer optional. In a fast-paced digital environment, every business big or small must adapt to a “new normal” that calls for convenient, safe, and secure online shopping experiences. 

Just how fast is the digital economy growing? Let’s look at the trends and numbers. 

  • More than 80% of customers in the U.S. have used contactless payments
  •  74% of small-to-mid-sized businesses around the world expect customers to continue to prefer contactless payments as much as, or more than they do currently.
  • 57% of customers say they are more likely to do business with retailers that offer a contactless payment option.

Now more than ever, businesses must keep up with customers’ changing habits and preferences. Here are more reasons why contactless payments create value not only for your customers, but also for your bottom line.

Accessibility and Ease of Use

Contactless payments make the checkout process as smooth and seamless. That’s because they can make instant payments with just a click of their phones or a tap of their card or wearable tech. 

Deliver outstanding customer service by giving your customers a wide array of digital payment options. Plus, you’ll reduce the risk of long, frustrating queues, boost satisfaction, and gain customers' trust and loyalty. 

Safe and Secure

Contactless payment offers built-in, multi-layer security and authentication that protect your transactions against fraud. The tap and go system makes it very difficult for malicious hackers to steal any data from customers. This way, customers can rest easy knowing that they can do business with you without the risks of any breach of information. 

With digital payment options, you can build a positive reputation among your target audiences by assuring them that all their transactions will be completed swiftly and safely.

Improved Cash Flow

People who use mobile payment options are likely to spend twice as much as those who don’t.  Your business can attract more customers and ramp up sales by accepting digital payments. Plus, contactless payment is a powerful marketing tool to leverage. Try rolling out a digital loyalty program to reward customers for making online payments. 

Online payments also help you better manage cash flow because they come with valuable analytics and insights — from payment tracking and invoicing to cash flow reporting, managing customer accounts, and more. 

Streamline Processes and Enhance Efficiency

Get faster transaction times with an automated payment system that enhances your business’s efficiency and productivity. With a digital payment solution, you can also automatically schedule appointments and send invoice reminders to your customers via text or email. You’ll be able to focus more time and effort on core aspects of your business, so you can scale faster.

Join The Tap-And-Go Payment Movement

Turn time into money and empower your business to thrive in the digital age by making the switch to contactless payments. Let GoSite’s practical and powerful solution transform the way you get paid. 

GoSite Payments is an all-in-one, user-friendly tool that enables your customers to pay you via their mobile phones, SMS, your website, and all major credit cards. You'll be able to:

Link an automated payment feature to your online booking system so customers can easily pay up front while scheduling an appointment with you.

  • Send one-time and recurring invoices with detailed breakdowns of charges to your customers.
  • Send payment links by text and email.
  • Automatically send receipts to your customers confirming payment.
  • Access and track your customers’ payment information from a simple and comprehensive dashboard.

Plus, GoSite doesn’t charge any platform fees for its Payments tool. Don’t miss this opportunity to drive more traffic to your online store. There’s no stopping you from investing in the future of your business and exceeding the expectations of your customers.

GoSite can help your business grow in so many ways, all in one friendly dashboard. Ready to dive in? Start a free trial. Prefer a conversation? Book a demo.

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