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10 Best Electrician Gloves on the Market Today

Equipment can make all the difference. For a list of the top-ranking electrician gloves to keep you safe while on the job, keep reading. 

Claire Grady
6 min read

Need a hand in finding the best electrician gloves to protect you while you’re on the job? We’ve done the research for you because we know working as an electrician comes with many safety hazards and inherent risks. 

The protective gear you select for your hands must be high quality and built to endure the trade. Keep reading for our top 10 recommendations for electrical gloves and tips for things to look for when choosing the right pair. 

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What to Look for in Gloves? 


First, when shopping for the best gloves for the trade, look at a few essential qualities including: 


Safety is the highest priority when selecting the right pair of gloves for any electrician. The ability to withstand high voltage and lower conductor risk is key when purchasing electrical gloves. 


Gloves made with micro-foam nitrile coating offer breathability, grip, dexterity, and comfort. Gloves that are rubber insulated do not conduct electricity—making them an excellent choice for protection. 


The longevity of an electrician’s glove will depend on the material and its ability to withstand high voltage, heat, and altering electrical currents and weather conditions. 


Your hands need mobility and flexibility to complete your work. 

When purchasing gloves, test them out for comfort. Jobs can last hours, and your hands may be put through the wringer in some of the harshest conditions. If your gloves aren't breathable, your hands can become sweaty—compromising grip and safety.


Price is another factor you may consider if you’re on a budget or just starting your business. Fortunately, there are a few budget-friendly choices out there that still hold true to the standards of their higher-priced counterparts. 

With this crucial checklist in mind, below are some of the best electrician gloves out there. 

1. Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Gloves

Person using the Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Gloves while sanding.

The Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Gloves are made with a micro-foam nitrile coating. The micro-foam coating acts as a “second skin” and allows for ultimate dexterity. The Maxiflex gloves protect your hands from excessive sweat and offer a gripping element for an added layer of safety. 

2. Ansell Gloves 113744

The Ansell Gloves 113744 offer 1,000-watt protection and are top-rated by Amazon users as well as meeting OSHA standards. Ansell is a brand trusted by electricians as they aim to make safe but comfortable gloves. 

3. Stauffer Glove & Safety Hv55 9

Photo of the Stauffer Glove & Safety Hv55 9 - High Voltage Cowhide Electrical Glove Protectors.

Want some gloves with a little more swank? The Stauffer Glove & Safety Hv55 9 - High Voltage Cowhide Electrical Glove Protectors is a leather option that offers reinforced Kevlar stitching. The leather, mixed with the kevlar stitching, offers maximum comfort and protection at high-voltage sites. 

4. Klein Tools 40072 Glove

Klein Tools is a trusted brand name in the manual labor field. These gloves offer an added level of comfort with dexterity. The Electricians Gloves Large Klein Tools 40072 is a synthetic leather blend that allows optimum mobility while protecting the hand from scrapes and burns. 

5. SAS Safety 6468 Glove 

Known for its comfort, this leather glove allows the user to feel and touch items as needed without feeling too bulky or stiff. The SAS Safety 6468 glove is durable and offers a long shelf life. 

6  Mechanix Wear's Original Work Glove  

Person wearing the Mechanix Wear's Original Work Glove while cutting wood.

The Mechanix Wear: The Original Work Glove offers a seamless synthetic leather glove in a wide variety of sizes. These gloves offer a closure for an added layer of protection and offer maximum comfort and dexterity abilities. 

7. Superior Glove Works S13FRNE-6 Gloves

Is flame-resistant and ultimate dexterity at the top of your list? The Arc Flash glove will get you through those hot days. This glove is made with neoprene and offers flame-resistant palms. The Dexterity Flame-Resistant Arc Flash Glove with Neoprene Palm- S13FRNE-6 is considered a low conductor thanks to its neoprene elements and protects the skins from water and oils that would cause skin irritation. 

8. NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

The NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves - Ambidextrous, Food Grade, High Performance Level 5 Protection are made of a blend of polyethylene, spandex, and fiberglass. The materials make up a comfortable material that offers breathability and precision. These gloves fit tight around the skin to protect and allow for mobility. 

9. National Safety Apparel Class 0 Gloves

Photo of the National Safety Apparel Class 0 Gloves Black Rubber Voltage Insulating Glove Kit with Leather Protectors.

The National Safety Apparel Class 0 Gloves Black Rubber Voltage Insulating Glove Kit with Leather Protectors acts as a protective barrier between sparks and high voltage. While also giving your hand the much-needed air and dry conditions needed. The gloves are a rubber and leather blend with minimal conductivity risks and great comfort to work in tight spaces

10. NOVAX Class 4 Maximum Voltage Glove 

The NOVAX Class 4 Glove offers ultimate protection from high voltage. These gloves can be customized to fit your hand, arm, or cuff length and provide a magnitude of protection from cuts, sparks, or other various abrasions. The NOVAX glove is on the higher end of the price spectrum but is a high-quality glove that aims to protect from all outside elements. 

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