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How This Veteran-Owned Business Reached #1 on Google in 9 Days

Don't just take our word for it. Find out how GoSite helped this company reach #1 on Google in just nine days.

Bailey Keppel
Bailey Keppel
3 min read

After his time in the military, Anthony Bedard really wanted to give back to his New Hampshire community by putting his construction and handyman experience to use.

When speaking with our team, he reflected, “It’s kind of the American dream. You come and you build something that's yours.”

Pairing his strong entrepreneurial spirit with GoSite's all-in-one platform, Anthony was able to take AJ Construction to new heights in just a few months.

Meet AJ Construction

Anthony Bedard is the owner of AJ Construction. His company is located in the Seacoast region in Southern New Hampshire, and his team services Somersworth, Dover, Portsmouth, and the southern tip of Maine.

AJ construction is a veteran-owned and operated construction company, specializing in remodels, decks, roofing, repairs, and other handyman services.

Anthony has been a GoSite customer since August 2020, and was eager to share his reasons for not only choosing GoSite’s platform, but recommending it to his friends and colleagues too.

The Situation

Prior to GoSite, Anthony at AJ Construction was dealing with three main issues:

  1. A strong need for his business to be found more easily online.
  2. Overly expensive pay-per-lead systems that weren’t providing value or return.
  3. A current card processing system that was expensive and inconvenient.

Anthony knew that these issues were problematic and hindering the growth and success of his company.

“Most, if not all, of my profit went between building my business and paying for a pay-by-lead system.”

-Anthony Bedard
Owner, AJ Construction

Spending money on finding new customers was an expense on top of what he was paying to process his clients’ credit card payments. Along with a 3% transaction fee, AJ Construction was losing an extra $45 a month just to be able to accept credit cards.

Needless to say, Anthony was ready for a switch to a more consolidated and affordable platform.

The Solution

In moving to GoSite, Anthony found long-term solutions to these issues and more opportunities for growth.

With the help of GoSite’s Placement tool, Anthony is now ranking No. 1 on Google in his area. His customers can find him quickly, and his new website replaced the need for an expensive pay-per-lead system.

AJ Construction didn’t previously have a website, and once his site was published, Anthony instantly saw an increase in the amount of inbound customers.

With GoSite, Anthony “can see [his] audience growth, meaning how many people are looking at [his] website and how many actions they've taken.” This feature specifically is “really, really helpful” to him.

More website views led to more customers—and more customers means more payments. As Anthony took on more projects, it quickly became apparent that GoSite was saving him hundreds of dollars on credit card transaction fees and monthly software bills.

Not only was GoSite’s payment platform less expensive, but it was easier for both him and his customers to use.

“I invoice them right from my phone. It can go to email. It can go to text message, and they can pay right there through a safe and secure portal. More often than not, I'm usually paid on my drive home.”

-Anthony Bedard
Owner, AJ Construction

The Results

Anthony's results highlight how GoSite directly lowered AJ Construction's costs, increased his customer base, and have simplified the overall business process from start to finish.

Anthony went from not having a website at all to ranking No. 1 on Google in the Somersworth area in just nine days.

Not only that, he was paying less money to make more money. AJ Construction went from paying $5,000 a month for one pay-per-lead system to paying a more affordable monthly flat rate for all of GoSite's services.

And the love comes from both sides—Anthony's customers have loved the ease of GoSite’s mobile payment features.

“I have heard from two of my customers that they really appreciate how easy it is for them to make payments.”

-Anthony Bedard
Owner, AJ Construction

We're thrilled to partner with Anthony and AJ Construction, and look forward to continuing to help him achieve his goals!

Want to try out GoSite for yourself and see how we can partner to power up your business like Anthony's? Sign up for free today!

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