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5 Creative Ways To Ask For Online Reviews

Top tips to get more customers to rave about your business through online reviews and drive traffic to your site.

GoSite Team
4 min read

As the old adage goes: you are only as good as what your customers say. The next best thing for your business is a positive review from a happy customer. That’s because a hefty 93% of modern customers say online reviews — both positive and negative — greatly influence their buying decisions.

Why Online Reviews Matter

If you want to be visible to a larger audience, then getting more reviews is the way to go. Leveraging online feedback goes a long way towards achieving business growth. Here are just a few of the benefits that you can reap from online reviews:

Build Brand Trust

The simple truth is that customers look for social proof and reliability when researching a new product, service, or local business. The more positive reviews and star ratings you have, the more likely it is for customers to choose you over competitors. 

Improve Local Search Rankings

If you want better SEO results, you have to be serious about the quantity and quality of your online reviews. Highly rated businesses get higher search engine rankings. The higher your ranking, the more clicks you get. This means better chances of converting leads into customers.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

To satisfy and retain customers, you must pay attention to their thoughts and opinions about your products and services. Each online review gives valuable insights into changing customers’ needs and expectations. That way, you can figure out which strategies to optimize and improve on. Use these insights to better engage your customers and provide them with top-notch solutions and experiences. 

How To Ask Customers To Leave Online Reviews

So, how do you get more positive reviews for your business? Most people will tell you to just go ahead and ask — but it’s not as simple as it seems. It can get a little tricky, and you don’t want to sound too arrogant or demanding. 

The good news is that there are fun, simple, and creative ways to encourage your customers to leave online feedback. Remember that customers will be more than happy to share their opinions — but you have to make them feel special and valued when they do. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Add a review feature on your website and be present on review sites

Potential customers look at third-party review platforms to learn more about your business. Try adding review widgets to your website, blog, and social media pages. While you’re at it, be sure to have a review function on your website. This shows customers that you care about what they think. Ask customers to rate their satisfaction with a product or service or share a link to a page where they can leave reviews.

Respond to customer feedback and showcase reviews on your online platforms

What better way to show customers that you value their thoughts and opinions than by engaging with those who have already shared their online reviews? This will not only prove your commitment to outstanding customer service, but you’ll also be able to encourage people to share reviews without having to ask for them. 

When people see that you acknowledge and answer online reviews promptly and diligently, they’ll be more inspired to speak up. You’ll be able to amplify your customers’ voices and strengthen relationships with them. 

It’s also good practice to watch out for mentions and posts about your business and promote them on your social media accounts. Sharing online reviews and attributing them to the individuals who wrote them gives people the recognition they deserve. 

Add review links to emails and send out SMS review requests

Sending a text message is one of the quickest ways to ask for reviews. Just keep your SMS review requests short, sweet, and personal. Tell them why you’re looking for a review and make it easy for them to leave one by sharing a link to your review page. 

You can also maximize email signature marketing to make subtle requests for reviews from your customers. Again, keeping it simple is the way to go. Consider including a brief line that encourages customers to share their experience with your business and end it with a review request link.

Timing is crucial — it’s best to send out emails after a sale or an event or even when you’re just checking in on customers. 

Reach out on social media

Connecting with your loyal customers on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites is one of the most effective ways to build a strong community of online supporters. Look for customers who regularly engage with you online and encourage them to leave a review.  This gives you a better chance of getting positive feedback. 

Reward customers who share reviews

Nothing quite like a fun incentive or an entertaining game to entice your customers to leave online reviews. In exchange for feedback, you can offer perks like a future discount,  raffle draws, friendly competition, a bonus product or service, and more.

Make it clear to your customers that all reviews — good or bad — are welcome and that you appreciate everyone who takes the time to leave honest feedback. 

Get More Online Reviews For Your Business

The GoSite Reviews tool lets you create customized review requests and shareable review links — in just a few clicks! Plus, you can automate your reviews, send them via text or email, and respond to feedback — all in one dashboard. Explore how this powerful tool can help you build an online reputation and attract new customers.

GoSite can help your business grow in so many ways, all in one friendly dashboard. Ready to dive in? Start a free trial. Prefer a conversation? Book a demo.

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