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4 Factors That Impact Brand Reputation

Your brand reputation might be the most valuable resource you can develop. Leverage these four factors to stand out.

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It's common knowledge that reputation matters. Your customers wouldn't hire a babysitter or book a hotel without checking reviews or asking a friend first. Similarly, your customers want to invest in products and services they can trust.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and your brand reputation won't be instant, either. But your brand reputation is worth the long-term investment.

Read on to learn four key factors that can help you strengthen your brand reputation over time.

Social Media Builds Brand Reputation Through Timely Engagement

In 2019, the line between on- and offline life is nonexistent. For customers, your brand reputation on social media is as important as any other channel. For 71% of customers, following a brand on social media can lead to a purchase.

Social media impacts brand reputation in two key ways. First, it can drive brand awareness. Consider the example of Moon Pie. The snack food company's Twitter account regularly goes viral. Even people who never shop the snack food aisle are aware of Moon Pie's quips and jokes.

Next, social media can deepen customer loyalty. Customers who follow your status updates will become more invested in your story. Instagram is an especially powerful platform for sharing behind-the-scenes looks. Christy Dawn, a Los Angeles-based fashion designer, debuts new dresses on Instagram. The account also posts portraits and profiles of Christy Dawn's team. 

You might not go viral with your first post. But you can boost your reputation by getting active on social media. Start by regularly posting content that's true to your brand's voice. With time, social media can become a real-time extension of your customer service.

brand reputation

Media Coverage Adds Authority to Your Brand Reputation

Newspapers, magazines, radio and TV: Classic forms of media still carry weight in 2019. Positive media coverage can enhance your brand reputation. 

Media coverage doesn't look the same for every company. You might dream of having a New York Times feature or a profile in Fast Company. But the truth is, coverage in a local blog might bring more customers to your doorstep. Don't forget about industry publications, too. 

Finally, earning backlinks from media outlets can give you some serious SEO mileage. Though most sites post no-follow links, they can still drive high-value web traffic.

If you want to earn media coverage, you can always hire a PR firm for extra help. Or, you can take bring your PR strategy in-house. If you aren't already connected to editors, software tools make it easy to access tailored lists of media contacts.

Once you've earned some positive press, spread the word! You should boost awareness of your media coverage on your website and in your marketing collateral.

SEO Aligns Your Brand Reputation With Core Keywords

SEO might be the unsung hero of brand reputation. Companies with strong brand reputations are well-known for core products and services. In other words, they'll appear when customers search for their core keywords.

There's no quick fix for strong SEO. If you want to build up your SEO foundation, you'll need to focus on a mix of factors including:

  • Click-worthy, authoritative website content
  • SEO-optimized website code
  • Backlinks from trusted sources
  • An active social media presence

Why are keywords so important? Today, 87% of purchases begin with an online search. If your business doesn't show up for keywords related to your products or services, you'll be a step behind the competition.

If you have a physical location (or several!), don't forget about local SEO. By signing up for a Google My Business account, you can start appearing in "Near Me" searches. These searches display businesses close to a user's current location, increasing the chances of conversion.

Best of all, there are plenty of low-cost ways to improve local SEO.

Brand reputation management

Online Reviews Ground Your Brand Reputation in Social Proof

Online reviews form an important cornerstone of your brand reputation. In fact, 92% of customers say they're more likely to buy after reading positive reviews.

Why? Online reviews offer social proof. Brands that attract gratitude and praise naturally earn stronger reputations. Customers want to see positive reviews across multiple review sites. 

This can prove challenging for businesses. Earning reviews is only the first step. Next, you'll need to manage and maintain your online review profiles. (More on that in a minute.) Today, dozens of platforms—from Amazon to Google to Trip Advisor—collect reviews. 

If you want to boost your online reviews, there are a few key steps you should take. First, if you want reviews, ask! You'll gather more reviews if you leverage post-purchase email marketing to request reviews. 

Once the reviews start rolling in, you'll need to manage your reviews. This means responding to reviews, both positive and negative. Your responses should be timely, proactive and personal. 

Over time, your efforts will help strengthen your brand reputation significantly.

Need help improving your online reviews? get reviews to see how simple improving your brand reputation can be!

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