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2021 Website Trends for Small Businesses

Give your website a refresh and stand out from your competition with these website trends for 2021.

Bailey Keppel
Bailey Keppel
5 min read

Looking for a New Year’s resolution? Revamp your website!

As 2021 rolls in, so does a new array of website trends for small businesses. From scrollytelling to framed images, we’ve compiled the latest and greatest ways to make your site stand out from the competition.

Get the scoop on what’s popular, what looks great, and what has customers coming back for more—2021 style.

1. Audio

Did you hear? Using audio to highlight pages and announcements is one of the leading website trends in 2021.

With the explosion of podcasts, people are not only watching media, they’re listening to it. By incorporating an audio-first design this year, you have a high chance of capturing and retaining a wider audience on your site.

Whether you’re adding music, videos, tutorials, or anything else, your viewers will love this new content dimension. For an example, check out Jazz Delivery, who does an excellent job incorporating audio to demonstrate their custom jazz band service.

2. Customer Interaction

The number one goal of a website is to attract customers. Take it one step further by making it easy for customers to contact you directly through your website.

When a client lands on your page, give them the convenience of the following buttons:

  • Book now
  • Contact us
  • Call now
  • Chat with us

It’s 2021 and nearly every small business is online, so making yourself easily accessible to clients is imperative. Ranch and Coast Management Company does a great job at making the sign-up process a breeze for their home-care clients.

“My favorite aspect about my website is that I can interact with my clients. They can send me messages, I can bill them, it’s really great.”

- Gladys Acevedo, Ranch & Coast Management Company

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3. Fun Color Combos

There are no rules in 2021 when it comes to color. Small business owners should get fun and creative with their company’s palette and complementary colors on their website.

This year, website trends are moving away from black and white, and moving towards funky, retro color combinations. If you think it’s “too bold,” you’re on the right track. Don’t hold back!

Just look at Pozuelos Painting who coated their site in neon purples, blues, yellows, and any other color they could get their brushes on.

4. User Autonomy

2021 is the year of personalization. When users visit your site, let them control their experience by making key features easily available.

Here are some ideas to consider when it comes to personalizing your customers’ experience:

  • Customers have different preferences on communication. Give everyone the option to call, message, email, or book online. The more avenues available, the more business you’ll receive.
  • Some users may want to hear audio and some may not, so give them the option of a pause button.
  • A toggle between light and dark mode can be fun and useful for viewers.
  • People love interactive features. If you can help a user visualize the end product or service, then they’re more likely to invest in your services. For example, an interior design company may allow their website visitors to virtually customize their kitchen.

5. Framed Photos

By now, you should know the importance of visuals on your website, but why not step up your aesthetic even further? Try using a photo frame On your next website update, try the trend of using shaped frames to highlight your work.

Love the Look Salon demonstrates how you don’t need lots of color or crazy designs to have a professional and beautiful website. Their minimalistic feel is complemented by circular photos of their salon’s end results.

6. Scrollytelling

Scrollytelling is a fun, dynamic way to reveal your business’s story, services, or any other information you’d like to share. It combines effects with text and pictures to make the reading experience more engaging for users.

A great example of good scrollytelling is seen on the homepage of the Engineer Roofing website. 

As the user descends along the page, icons, text, photos, and buttons appear through animation. By the end, the user has enjoyed reading through the company’s background, estimate process, and roofing services.

Using scrollytelling as an attention-capturing website tool adds:

  • An element of curiosity for the viewer to continue reading.
  • An extra level of attention and detail to your site.
  • Zest to pages with dense or overflowing material.
  • Aesthetic to any website or landing page.

7. Fonts and Emblems

Incorporating unique fonts and emblems is a tried and true website trend that has lasted through the years.

It’s wise to choose a font that matches your logo or your company’s theme. For instance, if you’re a photographer that specializes in weddings, consider using a soft, elegant font. Meanwhile, if you’re in the construction industry, a bold, rustic font will likely serve you better.

In this example, Milestones & More Event Planning blends a classy, cursive font with a chic company emblem and a muted filter on their homepage. These elements alone allow users to instantly get a sense for the event planning company’s services and style.

Keep in mind, font is an easy feature to change on a website. If you don’t already have a branded font for your company, play around with a few different styles to see what looks best and brings results.

8. Emojis

Emojis can be a fun way to add some extra personality and emotion to text. Ranging from smiley faces and pointing fingers to gift boxes and flowers, these little icons are growing in popularity and—when used tastefully—can help express a company’s voice and tone.

Since going fully remote in 2020, businesses have become more reliant than ever on emojis in online communications. Depending on your company and industry, emojis may be appropriate to use sparingly on your website pages.

Otherwise, they’re typically suitable for social media pages like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Just take it from us here at GoSite! 😎💙

Set the Trend

Online competition isn’t going anywhere, especially after the forced digital shift of 2020, but small business owners can get a leg up on the competition by implementing one or more of these popular 2021 website trends.

Keep in touch with GoSite for more up-to-date tips and tricks on maintaining a trendy and purposeful website. Let us know how you’re going to revamp your website in the new year—or better yet, do it with GoSite for free!

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